I'm Amaya

 I’m on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. I want to be the first woman to ride through every single country. Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been hunkering down in Portugal. Life these days mostly revolves around shelter dogs.

world map

Cycling the World
since 2006

I’m on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. My husband, Eric, is my adventure partner. So far, we’ve biked through 118 countries.  Yes 118. That wasn’t a typo.Just 80 more countries to reach our goal.  I’ve pedaled a whopping 220,000 kilometers on the same bicycle. The exact same bicycle that I still use for daily commuting here in Portugal. 220,000 kilometers is equivalent to more than 5 times around the equator. So, yes, we take a lot of detours to check out interesting spots.

If I'm not cycling, I'm probably hanging out with a dog

a girl's best friend

You can find me scooping poop and walking pooches at the local pet shelter in Portugal. Eric (my hubby) and I also foster dogs. When we need a break from the road, we sometimes pet sit.

the full scoop

All about the big bike tour, some of my favorite pics, and why you should adopt a dog from Portugal.

Over the years we’ve accumulated a tale or two. Head on over two. Head on over to Worldbiking.info for the whole scoop on our round the world cycle tour.

Apparently doing something creative makes people happier. That’s what the research says. Since I can’t draw (art was my worst subject at school) I decided to try my hand at taking photos.

Dogs are cool. And they make people  smile. I love  volunteering at the shelter in Portugal and cuddling with my adorable foster dogs Brownie and Stitch. 

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