Hello! I'm Amaya.

I'm on a quest to become the first woman to cycle every country on the planet. Since 2006, I've biked through 102 countries, shared my adventures along the way, and encouraged others to explore the world.
I've spoken to varied groups all over the world from Malaysia to Montana. My talks inject audiences with a dose of enthusiasm and appeal to anyone with a love of adventure and desire for challenge.
For over a decade, I've been active in the international long-distance bicycle touring community. I've written articles, contributed to guidebooks, created e-books, and curated online bike touring projects.
My camera goes everywhere I go. I love capturing the beauty of the remote places my bike takes me and roaming the streets of some of the world's most exotic cities in search of images.
Amaya Williams Public Speaker

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There are few people who can achieve great things and remain humble. Amaya is a rare eloquent orator that vividly paints an amazing round-the-world journey and still feels like the girl next door. She will charm you with her wit and humor, leaving the entire audience inspired by the gracious resolve of the human spirit.
Kevin McManigalHost of ‘One For The Road’

More than a Bicycle Journey

Through stunning photography and inspiring stories, Amaya Williams chronicles her 120,000-mile bicycle journey through 102 countries on six continents. This is an account of the rewards of calculated risks, the kindness of strangers and reaching beyond the possible.

Whether it’s pedaling up a 16,000-foot high Andean pass in Bolivia, slogging through Africa’s thick equatorial jungles or struggling to communicate as she bikes through the Middle East, she’s learned that the toughest situations often invite the greatest opportunities.

Facing Challenges

Change is the only constant as she pedals around the planet.   Perfecting the art of calculated risk-taking is essential to survival.  Thriving on the road means adapting instantly to changed circumstances, seeing difficulties as temporary and finding creative solutions.

Lessons from the Road

Life on the road has taught her to approach life with a curious and open mind, allowing instinct to be her guide.  This round the world expedition is a case study in success being determined by the spirit of perseverance rather than pure talent.

Why this Matters

This talk will inject you with a dose of enthusiasm, and appeal to anyone with a love of adventure and desire for challenge.  The message is clear: dare to fail; you won’t achieve anything without taking the first step.



There's no better way to see the world up close than from the saddle of a bicycle.  Let me share my view of the planet with you. 



fishing boat on Sulawesi Indonesia
Amaya Williams images bike touring in Asia

Selected Writing

Since setting off in 2006, I've penned travel tales and created bicycle touring resources on my WorldBiking.info website.  I'm also the founder of the A-Z of bicycle touring project and a regular contributor to bike touring publications online and in print.



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