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Time for some over sharing.

in case you're interested

I'm actually an introvert.

I can be chatty, so most people assume I’m an extrovert.  But spending too much time with people seriously stresses me out.  At the age of 40, I finally figured that out.  Alone time is essential for me. Check out Susan Cain’s books to find out why it’s cool to be an introvert


I think quitting is good.

Quitting opens up space for other things. As James Clear writes:  You should probably quit things faster than you do. There is always a risk that you will quit too early, but of all the possible things you could be exposed to and invested in, it is very unlikely that you are currently engaged in the best thing for you. Thus, if results are not coming easily, move on.


I've never once repaired a flat tire on my bicycle.

silhouette fixing bicycle

Should I be ashamed of this? Maybe. The thing is, hubby and I divvy up the tasks depending on our talents. He can repair a flat, but can he make a website? Nah.


I'm fascinated by films from the Middle East.


The region has a rich history of storytelling. And directors aren’t shy of develving into difficult issues. 


I love getting up early.

Seriously. I haven’t had a regular job for over a decade and I still set my alarm for 6 AM every day. I love crawling out of bed when the world is still. I brew some coffee, and dive back under the covers for some quiet time reading and contemplating the day ahead.


I had a few Barbie moments way back when.

After college, I nabbed a job as a flight attendant for an itty bitty airline called United Express. I put up with the whole make-up, fake fingernails and mega cheerful passenger announcements for exactly 3 months. Obviously not a good job fit for me.

french manicure


Wild camping rocks but...

When we’re wild camping, every little sound outside gets me jittery. A gust of wind sounds like the thud, thud of a grizzly bear approaching. Nevertheless, I absolutely love camping. Nothing makes me happier than pitching the tent on a lonely slice of land and sleeping  under the stars


I finally figured out that philosophy matters.

Thanks to Massimo Pigliuccio, I discovered that philosophy is more than just a subject of discussion for curmudgeonly professors on public radio. Philosophy can be the basis for a blueprint on how to live. As Massimo says, philosophy ought to make us better human beings, not merely more learned ones.

amor fati 2
fruit market Caldas da Rainha portugal


True confession:
I'm not into organic

I’m more into buying local, eating what’s in season and dining on lots of fruit and veggies (in theory at least). We’re lucky because our place in Portugal is just a 12-minute walk from the daily fruit and vegetable market. It’s not one of those über-cool hipster markets where avocadoes sell for more than the monthly wage in Somalia. It’s just a typical Portuguese market where everybody shops because the produce is fresh and the prices are unbeatable.


I’m a coffee addict.

No exaggeration. I once strong armed my husband into making a 300 kilometer detour (by bicycle) just so we could pick up some decent java. Aeropress makes a good brew and is perfect for bike touring.

aeropress-closeop coffee making