Adopt a dog from portugal

The short answer is that Portugal has too many dogs. There simply aren’t enough people to look after them all. The shelters are full. Dogs end up living (and dying) on the streets. The government doesn’t have the means to provide care for all the homeless dogs. Charities are stepping up to help, but it’s still not enough. The dogs of Portugal need you.

The Dogs

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It’s important that you adopt the pet that’s right for you. Things to think about are the size of the dog, activity level, age, and general personality characteristics.

Support the shelter by adopting a dog., fostering a dog., volunteering., donating.

I know, that name sounds funny in English! CRAPAA stands for Caldas da Rainha Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals. Caldas da Rainha is a lovely small city on Portugal’s Silver Coast. It’s where we go to take a break from cycling.

The CRAPAA Dog Shelter was founded in 2001. It is run almost entirely  by hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Our shelter has just one employee and we operate on a shoestring budget. CRAPAA is funded almost entirely through donations. We are lucky to have many supporters locally and also abroad.

The shelter is almost always full. At the moment there is a waiting list. We simply don’t have enough space for all the dogs that need our help. One of our biggest expenses is veterinary care. To help curb the homeless dog population, all the dogs that pass through CRAPAA are sterilized. Many of the dogs that arrive at our shelter are malnourished or injured. CRAPAA provides medical care to all dogs to the best of our ability.

The volunteers at CRAPAA are both local Portuguese and expats living in the area. You will hear as much English spoken as Portuguese.