Adopt a dog from portugal

The short answer is that Portugal has too many dogs. There simply aren’t enough people to look after them all. The shelters are full. Dogs end up living (and dying) on the streets. The government doesn’t have the means to provide care for all the homeless dogs. Charities are stepping up to help, but it’s still not enough. The dogs of Portugal need you.

Check out the many beautiful dogs that are available from the shelter I volunteer at:  Amigo Fiel Bombarral

foster a Dog

if you can't adopt

Fostering dogs is  the perfect solution for us. We can free up a space in the shelter, socialize a dog and help prepare it for its forever family. And we are free to travel when the time is right.

The big drawback is that you eventually have to say goodbye. And that hurts. So far we’ve fostered nine fabulous shelter dogs.


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